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Ep.1 What Is Fly Fishing?

In this first episode of our "how-to" journey we meet the cast, outline the trajectory of the season, and get started on learning how to fly fish. Lesson #1 is identifying the key differences between conventional angling versus fly fishing, we also do a deep dive on the most important attributes to the sport of fly fishing.

Ep.10 Streamer Fishing: A Deep Dive

In this episode, we discuss what it means to fish "streamers." Streamers require their own approach and are often the gateway from conventional angling tactics

Ep.2 What Gear Do I Need To Fly Fish?

In this episode we go through the quintessential gear for the up-and-coming fly angler. From rod and reel, to waders and boots, to setup up and essential accessories. Read below for Lance's Go to gear!

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Ep.3 How Do I Fly Fish?

In this episode we do an indepth introduction of the 3 main styles of fly fishing: Dry Fly, Nymphing, and Streamer fishing - the how, when and why's.

Ep.4 How Do I Cast A Fly Rod?

In this episode we go over the essential casting techniques required to fly fish successfully. You will learn how to achieve them, how to practice them, and when/how they are implimented.

Ep.5 Finding Fishable Fish & Fishable Water

90% of fish are in 10% of water. You can't catch fish unless you know where to find them. In Part 1 we explore how to find water that holds fish. In Part 2 we explore what parts of that should be fished

Ep.6 The Wacky World of Flies

In this episode we explore the wacky world of fishing flies; the different styles they come in and when/where to implement them. Here is a list of the flies discussed in the show, enjoy!

Ep.7 Dry Fly Fishing - A Deep Dive

In this episode we talk all about the heart and soul of fly fishing - fishing dry flies! Gear, Setup, and tactics are all discussed in this epic dry fly conversation.

Ep.8 Nymph Fishing: Part 1 - A Deep Dive

In this episode, we open pandora's box and dive deep into nymph fishing...aka "nymphing." 90% of the time, trout feed subsurface, this technique is how we are most successful targeting them there. Strap in because this is Part 1 of a deep dive with one of the industry's leading nymph fishers, NATK co-host Lance Egan.

Ep.9 Nymph Fishing: Part 2 - Euro-Nymphing

In this epsiode, we discuss the newly popular technique of "Euro-Nymphing. Origins, Gear, Tactics, all are discussed in this comprehensive episode, featuring the man who helped bring the technique to the masses and continues to be one of the world's premiere anglers, Lance Egan.


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