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Ep.3 How Do I Fly Fish?

In this episode we do an indepth introduction of the 3 main styles of fly fishing: Dry Fly, Nymphing, and Streamer fishing - the how, when and why's.

Ep.3 How Do I Fly Fish?

Davy Wotton - Wet Fly Ways
[ Wet Fly Ways with Davy Wotton : Davy Wotton, Gary Taylor, Gene Hering, Davy Wotton, Gene Hering, Gene Hering: Movies & TV](

Lance's Modern Nymphing Movies
Digital Download
Modern Nymphing - European Inspired Techniques
Modern Nymphing Elevated - Beyond The Basics
Adaptive Fly Fishing - Strategies for Diverse water Types

DVD Version
Modern Nymphing
[Modern Nymphing: European Inspired Techniques– Fly Fish Food](
Modern Nymphing Elevated
[Modern Nymphing Elevated: Beyond the Basics– Fly Fish Food](

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