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Ep.5 Finding Fishable Fish & Fishable Water

90% of fish are in 10% of water. You can't catch fish unless you know where to find them. In Part 1 we explore how to find water that holds fish. In Part 2 we explore what parts of that should be fished

Ep.5 Finding Fishable Fish & Fishable Water

We hope that after listening to both episodes you have a better understanding of how to look for water that holds fish, as well as how to find the fish within said water. Below you will find some helpful links to a few of the things we mentioned in the podcast - Enjoy! Lance’s videos:
Modern Nymphing:
Modern Nymphing Elevated:
Adaptive Fly Fishing: NOTE: this one covers the parts of the river that we discussed in Ep.5

Surf Fishing Guru: Rich Troxler
Reading The Beach
Sandbars, Troughs, Dips

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