Lance Egan is one of the preeminent fly anglers in the United States.  He is a member of Fly Fishing Team USA, a World Fly Fishing Championship bronze medalist, 2-time World Championship team medalist, casting champion, educator, guide and absolute legend. Lance is known for advancing the technique of euro-nymphing in the United States with his hit video series "Modern Nymphing.

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Pablo Sebastian Signori is the creator and host of "The Newb & The Knower Podcast" He is also a music producer, composer, podcast producer/editor, musical artist and songwriter.  Since he started fly fishing in 2017,  he has dedicated most of his free-time to learning, educating, and promoting the sport of fly fishing.

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Jen Ripple is the founder and chief editor of DUN Magazine; the world's first women's fly fishing magazine. She is an active proponent of bringing women to the sport of fly fishing, as well as a guide, educator, and top notch angler.  

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RAY "Ray Ray" BLEY

Ray Bley is a the fishing manager at the Orvis Downtown Chicago store. Apart from being a legend in the Chicago Metro area, he is also a smallmouth expert, fly fishing educator, and guide in the midwest region.

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